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FREE TRIAL of Knina Swivel Knitting Needles

Have you used Tulip’s bamboo circular knitting needles?

If you haven’t, this is your chance.

Our goal is for knitters to experience the comfort of using Knina Swivel Knitting Needles.


Knina Swivel Knitting Needles are packed with the following features:

○Rotary cable join prevents twisting of the cable

○Flexible cable is even great for magic loop knitting

○Exceptionally smooth cable-needle join

○Sharp needle tips easily pick up stitches


We have now started a special promotion of Knina Swivel Knitting Needles.

As part of the promotion, we are offering FREE SAMPLES that you can use during classes or workshops.

We would like you to post the reviews of Knina Swivel Knitting Needles on your blog or SNS after the workshops.

Please send in your requests for free samples.


Please write to us on:

Kindly fill out the following details on the body of the e-mail.


1. Name

2. E-mail address

3. Full address for delivery, incl. postal code and country

4. Phone number

5. The date on which the workshop will be held

(It would be preferable if you apply two month before)

6. The number of students who will join the workshop

7. The length** and size* of circular knitting needles

**40/60/80/100cm, 16″/24″/32″/40″


*US No.2½/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/10½/10¾/11/13/15/17

8. Your blog or SNS address on which you will post the reviews of Knina Swivel Knitting Needles


Terms & Conditions:

※Each sender will receive a reply; however, please be noted that the reply does not guarantee that you will necessarily be provided free samples.

※This promotion may end without prior notice.



-The story behind the development of the products-

Knina Swivel Knitting Needles were conceived from the desire to make knitting more comfortable for knitters.

Tulip is fortunate to have craftsmen who take an idea of “wanting to make a specific tool” and are skilled enough to make it into reality. This circular needle is the product of Tulip craftsmen working relentlessly through trial and error to produce the perfect circular needle.

The uneven part where the clasp meets the cable is minimized as much as possible so that the wool yarn slides smoothly. It is designed to rotate the cable so that it does not twist while knitting.

Our craftsmen’s commitment to these types of details helped produce the Knina Swivel Knitting Needles, that provide unprecedented comfort for knitters. We hope that this tool makes knitters enjoy knitting even more…and Tulip shall continue to strive and make needles with the same hope and desire.

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