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Glass-Head Pins

The glass head is heat resistant. Precision tempering and hardening produces a strong yet elastic pin. These pins are the best choice to mark thin fabric and to do detail work.














ART. NO. THN-095e

ART. NAME: Glass-Head Pins Shizuku

SIZE(mm): 0.50X36.0mm

CONTAINS: 10pcs.  black(2), white(2), light blue(2), red(2), yellow(2)














ART. NO. THN-096e

ART. NAME: Glass-Head Pins Sakura

SIZE(mm): 0.50X35.0mm

CONTAINS: 20pcs.  pink(10), green(10)













ART. NO. THN-097e

ART. NAME: Glass-Head Pins Aosora

SIZE(mm): 0.50X35.0mm

CONTAINS: 20pcs.  light blue(10), blue(10)













ART. NO. THN-098e

ART. NAME: Glass-Head Pins Akari

SIZE(mm): 0.50X35.0mm

CONTAINS: 20pcs.  red(10), purple(10)










Produced Since:September,2016