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Wire Probe

Vertical Probe Card Pin S-Series

It performs complex, highly accurate and
reliable inspections by contacting vertically with the device.

Ultra-fine diameter wire probes (S-Series) suit even narrower pitches for
semiconductor wafer inspection.

P Point NF Needle Flat F Flat
Probe Specification Ф74μmTYPE Ф63μmTYPE Ф50μmTYPE Ф38μmTYPE
Wire diameter (mm) ФD 0.074 0.063 0.050 0.038
Insulation coating diameter (mm) ФOD 0.093 0.083 0.070 0.050
Total length (mm) L 11.18 11.18 8.50 8.50
Conductor material Palladium alloy (AgPdCu)
Insulation coating material Acrylic resin
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