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Quality Control

Tulip strives to stay abreast of the current market while retaining dedication to quality-control.

At Tulip Company Limited, every employee is committed to engaging in corporate activities with responsibility, performing strict quality checks from the product design stage under the motto of “The next processes are our customers.” While setting the stability of quality and reduction of defects as the most important issues, we engage in quality control activities on a daily basis to provide customers with reliable products. Traditional needle making techniques, which include craftsmen's experience and technical know-how, handed down within the company over time, are managed and stored in a database. We provide only products that have undergone rigorous testing processes and meet stringent quality standards.

As part of company-wide quality control activities, we commenced QC circle activities in 1980 and have been holding annual presentations since then. The activities and presentations bring about mutual enlightenment on and improved awareness of quality control among employees.

Since our establishment, we have always adhered to the principle of “quality first.” In 1983, our factory was certified as a JIS-designated factory for sewing needles.

QC circle activity presentation QC circle activity presentation