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Technical Development

High-precision processing technology

Ultra-precision grinding/polishing

We have succeeded in mass production of probes by grinding the tips of extra-fine wires, using our proprietary precision grinding machine.

Electrodeposition coating technology

Electrodeposition coating from 1μm

What is electrodeposition coating?

Electrodeposition coating is a process of forming a coating film by dipping an object in a bath filled with water-soluble paint and then passing an electric current through the coated object.

Features of electrodeposition coating

1) Produces a smooth and even coating film with excellent surface quality.
2) Achieves uniform coating even on irregularly shaped surfaces, due to the high throwing power of electrodeposition paint.
3) No sagging or cracking of the coating film occurs.

We produce high-precision products of high and stable quality in a strictly controlled clean room.

Precision stamping technology

Punching a hole on a beading needle (0.3 mm dia.)

Our Technical Development Department develops in house tools and equipment required for production – from dies to mass-production equipment.