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Wire Probe


Achieved high precision and high quality,
both essential for narrow pitch inspection!

Feature 01

Stability of Tip Shape

By utilizing the know-how of the grinding process technology gained over the past few decades, we have realized the stability of the tip shape even for thin materials.

Comparison with our hand sewing needle (Ф0.53mm)

Tip variation

B Ballpoint NF Needle Flat F Flat Q Hemisphere

The tip shape can be selected according to the characteristics, shape of the object to be inspected and the inspection application.

Feature 02

High precision insulation coating

Pursuing even higher precision quality by miniaturizing the probe. The position accuracy of the coating has been improved and a clear edge has been achieved.
The colored part in the middle of the probe is an insulating coating by electrodeposition. The wire probe, which has a smooth coating surface and excellent straightness, can be smoothly fitted into the holes of fine and precise jigs.

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