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Wire Probe

with Terminal•Socket

Jig Structure
Stroke and Contact load of Probe
Tip variation※in the specification should be replaced with symbol.
P Point Q Hemisphere B Ballpoint F Flat
Probe specification
【●Wire diameter–Terminal–Total length】
●02-B-71 ●015-B-52
Wire diameter (mm) ФD 0.2 0.15
Insulation coating diameter (mm) ФOD 0.23 0.18
Standard Pitch (mm) 0.3 0.25
Contact load (g) 26 20
Material / Surface treatment
  Material Surface treatment Insulation coating material
Probe SKH (High speed tool steel) Plating (Ni+Au) Fluororesin coating
Terminal•Socket PB (Phosphor bronze) Plating (Ni+Au)

※The above values are for reference only. They are not guaranteed values.
※The contact load changes depending on the jig structure and plate material.

Fixing method
Fixing probe and terminal Soldering
Fixing terminal and socket Light press-fit
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