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Silk Needles

ART. NAME : Silk Needles
ART. NO.       NO.      SIZE

THN-041e       #2       0.56mmx54.5mm

THN-042e       #5       0.56mmx45.5mm

THN-043e       #6       0.56mmx42.4mm

THN-044e       #8       0.56mmx39.4mm

THN-045e       #9       0.56mmx36.4mm

THN-046e       #10     0.56mmx33.3mm


pcs./pack : 6pcs./pack


●The best needle for silk, thin cotton and all very thin fabric.

●Their Superior Polished Finish allows them to glide easily through the fine fabric.


Produced Since : October, 2016