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ART. NO. KSW-013e

■SASHIKO WORLD Russia Rooster with Blue Flower

ART. NO. KSW-014e

■SASHIKO WORLD Russia Rainbow Palace

ART. NO. KSW-015e

■SASHIKO WORLD Russia Galloping Horses

ART. NO. KSW-016e

■SASHIKO WORLD Russia Matryoshka



SET CONTAINS : Tulip Needles Sashiko Needle, Sashiko thread, Pre-printed blue cotton cloth, Instruction

Package size : 140mm x 205mm x 12mm


●Sashiko stitching is a traditional embroidery style from Japan.

●Originally used for repairs and reinforcements, in the present day it is more often employed for its decorative purpose.

●These designs are inspired by traditional Russian embroidery, as well as Russian architecture and folk craftworks.


Produced Since : January, 2018