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Cable for CarryC Long “Fine Gauge”

ART. NAME : Cable for CarryC Long “Fine Gauge”


ART. NO.    SIZE(★)   Cable length

CTMM-59    50cm          26cm

CTMM-60    60cm          36cm

CTMM-61    80cm          56cm

CTMM-62   100cm         76cm


For the US :

ART. NO.    SIZE(★)   Cable length

TP1282       20″            10″

TP1283       24″            14″

TP1284       32″            22″

TP1285       40″            30″


※The size of cables mentioned(★) shows the total length when they are connected to a pair of CarryC Long “Fine Gauge” Interchangeable Bamboo Knitting Needles.

※Exclusively for CarryC Long “Fine Gauge”.

※”Fine Gauge” cables are not compatible with needles, hooks, adapters or stoppers from others in the series like CarryC Long / carryC / CarryS / carryT.


●CarryC Long “Fine Gauge” is recommended for knitting socks, gloves, accessories, Shetland lace, Kunst lace, and other pieces in fine yarn.




Produced Since : March, 2020