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Jacquard case with red polka-dots

ART. NO. TED-002e

ART. NAME : Jacquard case with red polka-dots


The case from the ETIMO Red Crochet Hook with Cushion Grip Set is now sold separately.


●Compact carry case to hold only the crochet hooks you need
●Polka-dotted jacquard woven fabric in a cute, yet mature pattern

●Wind the string to easily open and close the case.

●Two pockets to store up to 8 crochet hooks with cushion grip

●Binding cord to hook and fasten scissors or any other accessory

●Pincushion for tapestry needles and pins


*Any other accessories like scissors, ruler, or tapestry needles are not included with this item.


Produced Since : April, 2021