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amicolle STITCH MARKERS (PIN) Small

ART. NO.   SHAPE   COLOR    pcs./pack
AC-080e TULIP  Pink    7
AC-081e TULIP  Blue    7
AC-082e TULIP  Green    7
AC-083e HEART  Navy    7
AC-084e HEART  White   7
AC-085e HEART  Orange   7


●These locking stitch markers for fine yarns are round-nosed so as to not split the yarn, and make it easier to pick up stitches.

●These are used as guides for increasing / decreasing stitches by being placed right on the stitches. Though they resist falling off, they are easy to put on and remove.

●You can select a simple color combination or choose from many color options.


Package size : 65mm×100mm×5mm


Produced Since : March, 2022