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AC-070e       OUTDOOR PROJECT SET (Navy)

AC-071e       OUTDOOR PROJECT SET (Pink)

AC-072e       OUTDOOR PROJECT SET (Yellow)


Take this bag with you to enjoy knitting and crocheting outside your home easily, and in various situations, including whilst traveling, taking a short break in the park, or camping.


●Made of polyester, this bag is lightweight and durable.

●It also dries quickly, making it ideal for use outdoors.

●A field bag and a pouch make up the set.


Field Bag

Size : W240mm×H220mm×D145mm

●The field bag can hold everything you need―yarn, your works-in-progress, knitting needles, crochet hooks, and other knitting and crocheting accessories.

●With a handle that is just the right length, you can easily knit or crochet with the pouch hanging from your wrist. When you knit or crochet with the bag on the table, for example, the handle does not get in the way.

●There are many small pockets inside to hold items separately.

●The large outer pocket can hold a knitting pattern. You can also keep your personal items in it.


Yarn Bowl Pouch

Size : W200mm×H200mm×D120mm

●The pouch can be used as a yarn bowl.

●The inner pockets can hold knitting and crocheting tools.

●With the carabiner, you can hang the pouch from your belt loop, or many other places, to use it outdoors.

●You can hang this compact and handy pouch over your shoulder to use it as a portable yarn bowl. When you knit or crochet with the pouch on the table, it serves as a bag-shaped yarn bowl.


Package size : 380mm×280mm×350mm


Produced Since : March, 2022