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Embroidery Sampler Book -3D stitches-

Master fascinating stitches with this single kit!


EAN : 4974723719111 / UPC : 846550019082

ART. NO. EK-103e

ART. NAME : Embroidery Sampler Book -3D stitches-



TULIP NEEDLES Embroidery Needles #6 Sharp Tip 0.76mm×39.7mm 1pc.

TULIP NEEDLES Bullion Knot Needles Big Eye Straight Long / Regular 1.14mm×65.0mm 1pc.

TULIP NEEDLES Cellulose-Head Pins Tulip 0.55mm×48.0mm 1pc.

Cloth 1pc.

#25 Embroidery Floss 22 Colors

1 Instruction Book


Package size : 225mm×255mm×20mm

Net weight : 116g


●Designed by Atelier Fil

●This sampler kit is for intermediate and advanced level embroiderers.

●It contains flower and animal motifs that stand out because of the 3D stitches.

●You will learn 3D embroidery, including bullion stitches and cast-on stitches.

●This kit is for you if you are familiar with basic stitches and want to incorporate 3D to create more fascinating works.

●If you have finished our basic-level kit, you can practice more with this higher-level one.

●After stitching on all the “pages,” bind them into an embroidery sampler book where you can review your stitches on both sides.


Produced Since : January, 2023