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備 SONAERU Third Hand (Kakehari), Clamp

<Third Hand (Kakehari)>

EAN : 4974723718671 / UPC : 846550018658

ART. NO. SC-035e

ART. NAME : Third Hand (Kakehari)



Package size : 69mm×192mm×12mm

Net weight : 19g


●Used with a Clamp.

●Can be opened and closed with minimal force, is easy to use, and  grips the fabric firmly.

●Designed to grip the fabric tightly when pulled.

●The head is a cute tulip shape.



EAN : 4974723718688 / UPC : 846550018665

ART. NO. SC-036e

ART. NAME : Clamp



Package size : 69mm×192mm×22mm

Net weight : 65g


●Used with the Third Hand (Kakehari).

●Can be used on surfaces of varying thickness, from a thin fabric marking board or Heradai, to a thick table top of up to 40 mm.

●The non-slip ring prevents the string of the Third Hand (Kakehari) from slipping, or coming off completely.


How to use a Third Hand(Kakehari) and a Clamp>>


Produced Since : June, 2023