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Sashiko stitching is a traditional embroidery style from Japan. Originally used for repairs and reinforcements, in the present day it is more often employed for its decorative purpose.



This hand-sewing dishcloth kit series is designed based on the concept “Sashiko that you can enjoy creating, using, and displaying.”


SASHIKO WORLD Spain : Designed by Satomi Dairaku

Spain is a country of passion. It flourished in various parts of the world during the Age of Discovery, and has developed a unique and diverse artistic culture, as well as a rich food culture.

Why don’t you enjoy SASHIKO, feeling as if you were traveling to Spain?


EAN : 4974723719166 / UPC : 846550019136

ART. NO. : KSW-033e

ART. NAME : SASHIKO WORLD Spain Imperial Eagle

The Iberian imperial eagle is a fierce but beautiful raptor with a wingspan of up to 2m. It mainly inhabits the Iberian Peninsula, and was once endangered. But, thanks to careful conservation measures, the population has increased, and it is renowned as the beloved national bird of Spain. This design features an Iberian imperial eagle gently surrounded by flowers and vines that are typical motifs of Majorcan embroidery, a handicraft that has been handed down in Majorca since ancient times.


EAN : 4974723719173 / UPC : 846550019150

ART. NO. : KSW-034e


“Hola,” a Spanish word that means “hello,” is a casual greeting that the cheerful and friendly Spanish people use daily. This design combines the word “hola” with various motifs associated with pleasant encounters in Spain. Tomatoes from the tomato festival in Valencia, padrón (Spanish green peppers, which are a popular ingredient in snacks), olives, of which Spain boasts the highest production in the world, and bullfighting, the national sport of Spain.


EAN : 4974723719180 / UPC : 846550019167

ART. NO. : KSW-035e


Galleons are large sailing ships with three or four masts. Developed in Spain during the Age of Discovery, alongside advances in ocean navigation, galleons were widely used as both warships and merchant ships. They carried silver from the New World, which was discovered by Spain, and wealth from Spanish colonies around the world. Galleons are regarded as a symbol of the prosperity of Spain, which swept the world. This design consists of a galleon triumphantly sailing on the vast expanse of ocean, its sails billowing, some fish jumping alongside the ship, a compass, which is an essential tool for navigation, and the sun watching over the ship.


EAN : 4974723719197 / UPC : 846550019143

ART. NO. : KSW-036e


Carnations, the national flower of Spain, are a symbol of maternal love. Legend has it that they grew on the spots where the Virgin Mary’s tears fell as she saw Christ on His way to His Crucifixion. Carnations are also given on days related to love, such as Valentine’s Day, first wedding anniversaries, and Mother’s Day. Flamenco dancers wear carnations in their hair. So does Carmen, the heroine of the opera by that name. This design features a gorgeous bouquet of carnations.



SET CONTAINS : Sashiko Needle 0.91mm×42.9mm, Sashiko thread, Pre-printed cotton cloth, Instruction


Package size : 140mm×205mm×12mm


Size of a completed cloth : 340mm×340mm


Produced Since : September, 2023