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Customized Pin

Customized Pin

Processing the tips of metal rods using our own precision grinding and processing machine

Tulip's customized pins are created from the compilation of new technologies attained through selecting optimal methods with know-how and processing experiences from over the last 60 years.
We can satisfy orders of various wire diameters, materials, and shapes.

Illustration of our products
Shaft for various kinds of recorders

Material / SUS
Size / φ1.3 x 47.8、φ0.5 x 15 etc.

Probe Card Pin

Material / Precious-metal Alloy
Size / φ0.1 x 61 etc.


Material / Tungsten
Size / φ1.0 x 21.2 etc.

Contact Probe

Material / Cemented Carbide
Size / φ0.5 x 15 etc.

Flying Probe

Material / SKH
Size / φ0.3 x 5.8 etc.

Contact Probe

Material / Phosphor Bronze
Size / φ0.5 x 37.2 etc.

Inquiry about Customized Pin
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